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Marketing expert, passionate about outdoor sports, ecology, and slow food.

After academic training between Milan and Dublin, my professional career has been between Lombardy, Veneto and the rest of the world, including China. I have worked in B2C and B2B multinational companies helping them to innovate and anticipate the times on the market through integrated, multi-channel and consumer-centric strategic marketing plans.


Product innovation: development of new products, updating of existing ranges, cost reduction projects, range expansion and production diversification.

Multi-channel marketing: developing a marketing plan that ensures a consistent experience between the physical and digital environments

International Markets: strategic analysis to identify the most profitable markets to develop a launch plan that considers people, resources, managing any outsourcing or partnership projects.

Selection of strategic partners and support for tenders management: based on the needs and the necessary know-how, the partners that best fit the needs of the company are identified. The project is complex and may require a partner who demonstrates a mix of skills? No problem, you can develop a tender that allows you to evaluate the different suppliers in detail so that you can select the one most in line with the project objectives!


Mattel    Giochi Preziosi    Hoover    Manfrotto    AD Dal Pozzo


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