1. Strategic marketing:

Starting from the current market situation, by analyzing skills, strengths and specifics, we develop a solid and clear brand identity that stands out from competitors. We will work with all company functions to create a position that is simple and aligned with the desired brand image.

2. Construction of the product roadmap:

By adopting an approach in the development of new ideas and encouraging continuous innovation, we will create a product marketing plan. It will influence both the patents held by your company and the possible new products developed by collaborating with external stakeholders (universities, design studios, etc.)

3. Launch plan:

By making the most of the brand image, we will create all the content that will allow you to be present on all channels in a coherent and linear way. Not just digital campaigns: from packaging to catalogs, from e-commerce to the shelf in a store, from the presentation event to the trade fair, you will have all the useful tools to launch your products.

4. Multi-channel trade marketing plan:

Digital is now one of the pillars for a solid and robust growth strategy, BUT we must be careful not to neglect traditional channels! You will need to develop all marketing activities to have consistent positioning in all points of contact with your customer.