Market pressure and international competition force companies to innovate continuously, to differentiate themselves by conquering / maintaining a leadership position

Product innovation can be facilitated in the company in many ways:

1. Sprint

Putting forward all business functions, use design thinking methodology to reduce risk related to the launch of a new products. This can be used in several ways: to test specifications of a product or solve problems related to an existing product, check a strategy or a process, test of web pages etc.

2. Product roadmap

Starting from the brand positioning objectives and with a thorough market and competitors’ analysis we will go on to create the product roadmap that will leverage both patents in your possession and possible new products developed in collaboration with external institutions (universities, design studios etc).

3. Modular projects

Locating the most important needs for the consumer and based on this, go on to plan a series of product features that in an autonomous way can be added or removed like an option when buying a new car.