Giuseppe Dilauro

Temporary manager – Consulente marketing omnicanale


Multi-channel Digital is now one of the pillars for one solid and robust strategy growth, without the need of neglecting the traditional channels!

Online and offline are as one: customers are used to leveraging all channels as a provision for the acquisition of information, proof and purchase of products and services.

Each phase described below considers the trends of the multi-channel approach based on the target.

1. Analysis phase:
Marketing, image coordination and Communication

All marketing activities will need to be developed in a way so that you have a consistent position at all points of contact with your customer.


Strategic marketing plan

Coordinated graphic image

Communication plan

Multi-channel trade marketing plan

Create a fluid customer experience

2. Launch phase:
traditional retail, trade fairs, e-commerce and marketplace

To reach each channel, the launch will be developed taking purchasing habits into account

of your target consumer, resources according to the company’s budget and capacity.

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