There may be different tools and activities that can be developed together:


The collaborative approach in close contact with management and staff, allows the collection of needs and objectives as well as the accurate definition of the action plan and the identification of the phases, respecting timing and costs.

There is no general standard, and it often happens that activities that have been successful in some companies may not give the same results in others.

1. Funds research

Thanks to the Italian Government, the Regional Governments and the European Union, a whole series of projects can be implemented which in some cases may be funded with 100% non-repayable funds. I can support you to participate in subsidized financial initiatives, thus finding resources that can contribute to your strategic project.

2. Operation management

Development of activities that will aim to consolidate a presence of the product and the brand in the market.

Book a meeting

Briefly describe your company and book an initial meeting where we analyze together the processes and areas that according to you, we need to focus on. You will receive feedback with an action plan with independent modules that we will finalize together.